Welcome to the Frederick County Vendor Registration system.

The Vendor Registration System is self-administered.  You are responsible for the content of your file and any subsequent updates.

You will be asked to enter your Federal ID Number and a password.  Remember this logon information, as you will use it each time you need to make changes.

Next, you will be asked for general information about your business that the Purchasing Department requires on file.

Lastly, you will be asked to select commodity codes that correspond to the services or products your business offers.  Based on the commodity information you provide the Purchasing Department, you will receive notification of current Invitations for Bid and Request for Proposal, and may be contacted for Requests for Quotation for the goods and services you supply.


Being a registered vendor does NOT guarantee the receipt of a Bid Notice mailing for all applicable solicitations.  Vendors must routinely check our Bid site for a listing of current business opportunities.  Frederick County shall not be responsible if a vendor does not receive a Bid Notice mailing for any particular solicitation.  This notification is provided as a convenience only.  Frederick County neither accepts nor assumes responsibility for Bid Notice mailings under all circumstances.